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Alice & Chloe are a pair of Canada Geese, who live in Moose Lake, Minnesota. These geese mock Blu daily presumably about him not being able to fly, or being a "nerd bird." While it isn't mentioned in the film, they are sisters. Their names were not spoken in the film, but are shown in the end credits. Alice is voiced by Jane Lynch, and Chloe is voiced by Wanda Sykes.


Alice & Chloe only have a small scene in Rio, where they mock Blu by calling him a "pet," a "nerd bird," and throwing snowballs at him (though the snowballs hit the glass of the bookstore window). They laugh at everything he says, even mocking him when he says, "Throw all the snowballs you want. I'm protected by this magical force field called glass! It's what keeps us so toasty and warm in here, while you guys are out there freezing your—" by mooning him. Tulio Monteiro then frightens them off after slipping on ice and hitting their bench.


Alice and Chloe both look alike. They have brown bodies, gray chests, black head and neck feathers, and white throats