Buck is a major character in the third film, a minor one in the fourth film, and a major protagonist in the fifth film.

Dinosaur World Edit

When Buck fell into the world of Dinosaurs Rudy clawed Buck's eye out. So Buck made a run for it and climbed up a tree. He made an eye patch out of a leaf BUT then Rudy ATE HIM! Just before Rudy could swallow him Buck grabbed hold of Rudy's uvala and swung back and forth until he shot right out of Rudy's mouth and claimed Rudy's Tooth.

Meeting the Herd Edit

In Ice Age 3 (2009) When Sid got taken by a Dinosaur Buck agreed to help them find Sid. At the end of Ice Age 3 (2009) Buck agreed to join the herd but on the way back to the Ice World he heard Rudy so he went back down.

Ice Age 5 (2016) Edit

In Ice Age 5 (2016) Buck will return.

Gallery Edit

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