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Performer: Frank Welker

Keke Palmer (in 6th film and so on)

Appeared in: Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006)

Ice Age: Landscape Damage (2019-2029)

Cretaceous is one of the main antagonists of Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.


Cretaceous is shown in the beginning frozen in a great block of ice that was loose when the wall of ice began crumbling. The ice melted, releasing both Maelstrom and Cretaceous into the lake which was all but abandoned by most animals. When they made it to the ice lake, the first animal that they had encountered and eaten was Stu, leaving behind only his shell. The two sea reptiles then swam further down the series of rivers where they eventually reached Manny's herd as well as Crash, Eddie, and Ellie. Cretaceous made a great pounce at Manny, but was caught on the mammoth's tusks, only to be tossed far off, hitting a piece of ice and falling back into the water.

Later, when the dam broke, Cretaceous and Maelstrom went swimming on the wall of water that was slowly approaching towards the escaping masses and pulled down Manny when he was swimming to save Ellie. Manny devised a plan to rid himself of the two sea reptiles, by having them try to chase him, the mammoth tricked them into hitting a log that was wedged under a large rock. The plan worked, freeing Ellie, and the boulder came down on the two reptiles. Although the two reptiles are presumed to have been crushed by the boulder, there might be a possibility that they may have survived the boulder and have gotten swept away with the flood water when Scrat broke the glacier.

Cretaceous portrayed by Frank Welker.


Cretaceous is a Ichthyosaur looks like Purple crocodile with fish-like fins.


Cretaceous and Maelstrom were both vicious, hostile, hot-tempered, impatient, aggressive, and ravenous predators. He was also shown to be greedy, as he targeted Manny, who was the largest one in the herd.