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In one of the Family Guy episodes, where Peter mentions the time when he tries to freeze his own nuts (literally) the scene shows Scrat on top of a glacier as usual only this time to discover a whole bunch of acorns stuck together stuck within the glacier. As Scrat tries to pull one out, Peter notices him and shouts "No, no bad squirrel!" Those are my nuts! My nuts!" (Scrat gives him a frowny face) Peter then says "Awww, you're just a hungry little fellow aren't you, but those are my nuts!" Scrat then goes from cute and cuddly, to wild and malicious and attacks Peter with no mercy, leading Peter to say "Ow, my nuts, my nuts!"

In one of The Simpsons episodes, taking place during a winter day at the school's play ground, as Grounds Kepper Willy is shoveling the snow, a grey squirrel pops up from the ground sniffing and making very peculiar noises (the same and exact way of Scrat) As he looks with amazement at the rare acorn on the tree branch, he is then hit on the head by Willy's shovel and then swept away.

In the South Park episode "Cartoon Wars Part 2" As Kyle and Cartman are fighting at Fox Studios, in the back gorund was a poster at what seems to be an Ice Age parody called "Cold Age: The Smackdown.