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Kipo is a Roseate Spoonbill from the Samba Club. In Rio, he is voiced by Bernardo de Paula, who also voiced Sylvio. Later in the second film, however, he was voiced by Jeffrey Garcia, the voice of Tipa from the first film, and also referred to as "Spoonbill" in the credits.



Kipo was shuffling along to the music when Blu, Jewel, Nico, Pedro, and Rafael entered the samba club. During Nico and Pedro's song, he shakes a pair of maracas. Later, when Mauro taunts Rafael while attempting to get Blu and Jewel to come with him under Nigel's orders, Kipo tells him that if he messes with his friends, he messes with him. During the battle with the marmosets, he steps on several of them, and even hits one riding on one of his bird friends with his beak, knocking him off. Finally, he helps Blu and Jewel escape by giving them a lift onto a trolley headed for Luiz's garage. Just as soon as he is thanked, he flies away and is never seen for the rest of the movie.

Rio 2

Kipo is first seen waiting to make an audition for Nico and Pedro's Carnival show. He boasts to his fellow auditionees about how he's going to be the "next King of Carnival", and steps inside Luiz's garage, but slips over some of Luiz's drool and falls. At the end of the movie, he is seen arriving in the Amazon, bringing Luiz along just in time for the "Amazon Untamed" show.


Kipo is portrayed as a very loyal bird, and was the first to stand up against the marmosets, in order to defend his new friends.


  • Dancing
  • Flying
  • Shaking Maracas
  • Fighting


  • His name was revealed on a McDonald's toy poster in Australia, where it shows that he was one of the toys to get in the collection, along with Eva.[3]
  • A TV spot for Rio 2 showed Kipo standing on a car hood, and getting hit in the face when it opened suddenly. That scene did not appear in the movie itself.