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I fly solo.
  —Lance Sterling  

Lance Sterling is the greatest spy the world has ever seen. He is a tall, dressed up man who is very confident and doesn’t listen to orders. He works for HTUV. He is voiced by Will Smith.

He was born in the 80s.


Lance has black hair and brown eyes, a dark tuxedo with a bow-tie, and very tight pants (so tight that it appears that his legs are thinner then his arms).



. He is a confident man who feels like he can do everything by himself. His catchphrase is “I fly solo.” 


  • Lance is known as the greatest spy, yet many characters have had that nickname.
  • He is voiced by Will Smith who also voiced Genie in the Disney film "Aladdin".
  • At one point, Walter hug the Pigeon of Lance Sterling and the bird lays an egg. This might be because Lance Sterling transforms into a female pigeon by using Lovey's DNA.
  • There is a deleted scene that shows Lance Sterling's home, which is a large skyscraper for a lot of people. There's also a picture of his mother on his birthday in the deleted scene.