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Nigel is the main antagonist of the Rio franchise. He's the main antagonist of Rio and the Novel Rio Snakes Alive! and one of the two main antagonists of Rio 2 (the other is Big Boss).

He is a phsycopathic and evil cockatoo and Blu and Jewel’s arch-nemesis. He is also Marcel’s former pet and evil henchbird, Charlie’s former boss and Gabi’s love interest.

He was born on Rio and he was a TV star once but he got replaced by a younger bird after being blamed for an incident on the set caused by a pigeon.


Nigel a long time ago was a popular TV star, but then, somebody more popular him kicked him out. This made Nigel an evil, cruel, wicked, and mean-spirited bird.


Nigel has brown eyes. He looks pretty old.


Nigel is a sadistic bird, he loves to terrorize or hurt other birds. He is also violent and sadist, he is often seen using physical force to terrorize or injure other characters. He also threatens the Marmosets into doing his bidding/dirty work. Nigel is claimed by Tipa to be a cannibal when he eats chicken. He is also intelligent, vengeful, cunning, cruel, wicked, malevolent and greedy.


Nigel is first seen as a defendless injured bird at Tulio's observatory but later it turns out to be a fake identity as he's actually the henchbird of a smuggler named Marcel and helps him to kidnap Blu and Jewel as they're the last of their species which would give everyone that sells them billions of dollars. They trap the duo in a cage.

Later he stops Jewel from escaping and wants to kill her but Marcel asks him to bring her to him alive. Despite theatrening Jewel anyway, Nigel obey and puts Jewel with violence in her cage again.

After Marvel and his henchmen are away, Nigel terrorizes Blu, Jewel and the other birds revealing through a song of his, Pretty Bird, that he's helping the smugglers just to have revenge on all the pretty birds as they are the reason that costed him his job as an actor at Hollywood (he was replaced by a prettier bird after an incident ruined his reputation).

When Blu and Jewel actually escape, Nigel chases them in the streets of Rio since Blu can't fly which forces both him and Jewel to run on land instead of flying like Nigel is doing. Through a stratagem, the two enhanced birds successfully escape and Nigel hits an elettric antenna which turns off all the light in the city.

After recovering from his incident, Nigel decides to recruit a group of little monkeys led by a thief monkey named Mauro and blackmails them to help him to find Blu and Jewel.

Unluckily for him, the monkeys gets beaten up by the birds and their friends and Nigel has to interrogate a defendless little bird threatening him to make pop up his head by squeezing him to swath if he dosen't tell where the two are going. After getting his information, Nigel fly towards a dog named Luiz's place.

That night he finds Jewel and kidnaps her after a fight taking her to Marcel .

When Blu comes back to save Jewel, Nigel kidnaps him too and defines love "powerful yet so stupid". However Blu and the other birds succeeds to escape from their cages.

Nigel try to stop Blu and Jewel from escaping by attacking Blu. Jewel tries to defend him but Nigel breaks her wing and teases her by saying that now they have two useless birds that can't fly.

Having had enough of the evil cacatua, Blu manages to hook a fire extinguisher onto the cacatua's foot and sets it off. Nigel is blasted out of the plane and manages to take the extinguisher off but a propeller flies at him seemingly killing him and making the plane crash.

In a mid-credits scene, Nigel reveals to have survived both the incident and the plane crash but he lost almost all his feathers and his ability to fly. As a revenge for abusing of him and his friends, Mauro makes a photo of him naked humiliating Nigel which tries to cover his low area with a leaf.

Rio 2

After losing his ability of flying and a few of his feathers, Nigel now works as an indovino bird in the merchant of Rio. During his job he met and developed a friendly relationship with a poisonous female frog named Gabi that is not so secretly in love with him and a mute goofy ant eater named Charlie and also shows to hate his new job with a passion. Now he wears an Elizabethian jailet to cover his bald zone on the body and has developed a passion for Shakespeare.

When he see Blu, his friends and family flying towards Amazon he remembers what Blu did to him (even though he asked for it) and decides to have his revenge. He attacks his customer, a bratty kid, and his boss and then he frees Gabi and Charlie taking them as his new henchmen escaping with them to chase Blu.

That night, Nigel and his henchmen goes on the same shop that Blu and his loved ones are taking to go to Amazon and the cacatua plans to kill Blu when he's asleep. Despite Gabi offers to use her poison to kill the macaw Nigel tells her that he has to be the one to kill him and prepares to claw him to death but Charlie accidentally wakes up the humans of the ship whole trying to catch some ants and they kick the trio off the embarcation.

While searching for Blu for the whole jungle, Nigel finally founds him and a whole tribe of blue macaws, planning to "poop on their party" soon before laughing maniacally.

Later Nigel uses Charlie's tongue as a catapulte and attacks a macaw that looked like Blu before discovering that he made a mistake.

He finds himself in an audition for the Carnival show which is made by his old enemies Nico,Pedro, Rafael (which finds him familiar) and Blu's daughter Carla. He sings "I Will Survive" with Gabi impressing them and winning the audition. He plans to use this as a diversion to make Gabi shooting a poison dart to Blu while erveryone is distracted by his performance but when he sees Blu he dosen't recognize him even when Gabi tells him to look as he's too focused on his performance.

During the battle against the smugglers, Nigel tries to make Charlie shoot Blu with the poison dart but he misses him and is almost caught instead. Then he puts K.O. Big Boss as he tried to kill Blu and he dosen't want anyone to steal his scene.

Nigel tries to kill Blu while he's trying to turn off a dinamite and, after Blu recognized him, the dinamite explodes.

When they wake up both Nigel and Blu are standing trapped in some laians and Nigel starts to attack with his "furious feathers" while Gabi try to help her love interest by shooting at Blu with the poison dart but she accidentally hits Nigel instead.

Seemingly dying, Nigel starts to make a Shakespearean speech and falls apparently losing his senses with Gabi trying to kill herself instead of living in a world without him.

However another Blu's daughter named Bia reveals that Gabi is not poisonous and that she's a simple tree frog with Nigel and Gabi waking up shocked as they're not dead.

Realizing that she can be with Nigel without killing him, Gabi starts kissing him much to Nigel's irritation and the cacatua has a breakdown as he tries to kill Blu and his family but he's dragged away by Gabi which means to shower him with love and to "never letting him go" away from her. A terrorified Nigel asks for Charlie's help but he simply puts two thumbs up and goes away leaving Nigel being dragged away and married against his will by Gabi with him being scared as birds-frog aren't natural.

Nigel and Gabi are later found by Linda and Tulio which are affascinated by them as they mistakes Gabi showering with love Nigel against his will for a bonding. This makes them deciding to study the duo and they put them in a cage taking them back to Rio to be observed. Gabi, clinging on Nigel's head, is delighted of making a "honeymoon at Rio" while Nigel is annoyed at the thought of being forced to being showered with love more by the talkative frog. Having finally realized her dream, Gabi hugs her newfond husband. They will also be put in the same observatory where Blu and Jewel met each other in the first film.

Nigel's final fate after the events of the film remained unknown for now; he could have escaped from Gabi, Linda and Tulio or he could have made a plan to escape from the observatory and search revenge on Blu. The second option seems more likely. If Rio 3 will actually be made, Nigel's final fate would probably be revealed.


  • Nigel is voiced by New Zealand voice actor Jemaine Clement.
  • Nigel could appear in the upcoming untitled Nico and Pedro spin-off since he appeared in every Rio media until now.

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