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This acorn is an acorn that Scrat wants to bury for the winter to eat it later and that he chases as a running gag for the whole franchise. In the first film Scrat was like always trying to hide his nut for the winter. In the second film he was having a problem trying to get his nut from peril. In the third film he fighting over his nut by his crush Scratte.

The acorn seems to always be the main objective for Scrat in each film but he always fails to retrieve it due to his act of clumsiness and stupidity. Scrat never seems to give up on retrieving it however. No matter how many times he grows a new injury from trying to retrieve it, he never even bothers to give up on it even though he should know that he will get hurt each time by now. He has never even grown tired of it once.


Ice Age

In the opening scene Scrat is trying to bury his acorn but he causes two glaciars to break and luckily escapes from being squashed by the two closing walls. He falls in the ground and prepares to go away with his acorn but he lose it when he gets stepped on by several animals and remains stuck underfoot a female Macrauchenia that steps on him at every step he makes, much to Scrat's dismay.

Later, after having escaped from underfoot the female the Macrauchenia, Scrat finds the acorn again and tries to bury it in a tree but he gets hit by a thunder and the acorn falls away.

Later he puts it in another tree and Sid tries to eat it only for being attacked by Scrat.

More forward in the film, he meets Sid again this time with Manny and Diego and they ask him for directions and he's still holding his acorn. Scrat tries to tell him that Diego is part of pack that attacked humans but the latter kicks him away with his acorn.

Later he's chasing the acorn in the Ice tunnel only to lose it again.

After it he tries to melt his frozen acorn for it turning into a pop corn.

In the epilogue, set after the events of all the movies of the franchise, Scrat is finally melting alongside his acorn after they remained frozen in an ice block for 2.0000000 years. He waits for melting completely before catching his beloved acorn but the acorn gets taken away by the sea.

Gone Nutty

After having melted 2.0000000 years later, Scrat survived the volcano, found his acorn again and is trying to bury it somewhere and he finds a tree full of acorns. He tries to bury it in but he gets throwned away alongside the other acorns and they fall togheter.

After having landed, Scrat spots his acorn and he's initially happy to see it until he sees that it's falling fastly towards his face and tries to free himself before getting hit but fails.

After regaining consciousness, Scrat sees that the acorn broke up the continents and he gets stranded in an iceberg towards the drift but he reminds himself that he still has his acorn. However it disintegrates due to having burned from the clash and a disappointed Scrat uses the shell as a hat concluding the short.

Ice Age: The Meltdown

Scrat is now searching for a new acorn and he finds it stuck in an ice wall. After getting it out he tries to stop all the holes that are spitting water but fails and falls away after getting inflated. The acorn falls in an ice ground.

No Time for Nuts

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