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Shira is the secondary antagonist turned tetargonist of Ice Age: Continental Drift.  She's a sarcastic and strong female sabertooth tiger.

She used to work for Captain Gutt, but she then later became a member of the Herd and Diego's wife.


Shira has a light grey pelt with dark grey and black stripes. She has teal sapphire colored eyes.

Her canines are shorter and slightly blunter than Diego's sabers.

Shira wears two earrings on her right ear; a big blue earring and a small green earring.

Role in the movies

In Scrat's Continental Crack-up Part 2

After Captain Gutt pulls up Scrat from the fishing hook, Shira is seen on Gutt's right (on the angle to his left) starring back at Scrat and Gutt.

Later, she is seen watching and laughing while Squint is throwing star fish at Scrat.

In Ice Age: Continental Drift

Lightning fast on her feet and equally quick-witted, this beautiful saber tooth pirate has become Gutt's loyal first mate.

After Diego a rogue saber capsize Gutt’s ship, Shira gets separated from the pirates and is shocked to discover that Gutt has no real loyalty to her. When Diego appeals to her join his motley crew, she has to make the decision to stick with Gutt, or to pursue a better life.


Ironic and sarcastic, Shira was loyal to those that helped her: Gutt had once made her his first mate, a position which, despite Gutt's indifference at her loss, she held close. Shira was not easily swayed in her resolve and could often be quick to anger when she dealt with those that caused her trouble. Despite her trials and tribulations, she was introduced to a better way of life than piracy: being part of a herd.


  • The name Shira means "song/singing" and/or "poetry" in Hebrew (שִׁירָה širá).
  • Shira has the same color fur as a white tiger.
  • Shira was born October 8 unknown year
  • White tigers location in Chinese,India,Bangladesh, Russia and others 
  • But Shira's hometown in Chinese mountains. Her hometown Mountain Everest.


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